Beautiful Senior Portrait Session In Mokena

As many of you may have noticed, I have started doing senior portraits, and I just love working with the older girls. It’s been such a fun process opening up that end of my business. If you think about it, although these senior photo shoots take place about 18 years after newborn pictures are taken, I find some similarity in the style of photography. There is a familiarity in the posing, only my clients are slightly more willing and awake. My shoot with Audrey in downtown Frankfort and at the preserve in Mokena went amazingly well. She’s an absolute natural. Her skin is ridiculously flawless and her hair is the envy of all women!!! Hair and make-up was provided by Opulent Beauty in Palos, and I’d say they did a wonderful job! Audrey had several wardrobe changes, and I absolutely love her style. From the dress, to the scarf, to the button-down denim shirt, she looked great. That evening was particularly sunny, and with the light coming in behind that beautiful red hair, her brown eyes and lashes were stunning. Good luck to Audrey, graduating class of 2015!

Brittany Jonaitis Photography is the senior branch of Juliana Leigh Photography The senior experience with Brittany Jonaitis Photography is editorial style photography, which is what one sees as they turn the pages of a Vogue or In-Style Magazine. In today’s society, women who are exposed to pop culture and the fashion industry manifest  unrealistic expectations about their appearance. The industry is the culprit, and it costs young women their self esteem and creates self loathing behaviors.  They see models in magazines, and it makes them instantaneously feel inadequate. What many young women don’t realize is that with the right photographer, lighting, a touch of make-up, and hair styling, they too can appear just as beautiful as the models they compare themselves to daily. A senior portrait session with Brittany Jonaitis Photography is an empowering experience and the memories will last a lifetime.Beautiful Senior Portrait Session In Mokena