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I love doing baby photo shoots. Each shoot is different, depending on the age and personality of the baby. Your little one is already growing so fast. It’s the perfect time to capture these fleeting moments on film, in high-quality images you can treasure for a very long time. At Juliana Leigh Photography, I specialize in baby photography, and I’d love to help you hold onto these precious days. Your baby’s adorable fingers and toes, the tiny sleeping face, the cute little outfits, and all the grins and giggles – these are the details you don’t want to forget. I provide all my clients quality photographs and a personalized style for every baby. I take great care in setting up a wonderful experience, and polishing each image for you with my editing expertise.

Baby Photography Style | Chicago Baby Portraits

The style of photography that I use goes back and forth between artistic and photojournalistic styles. I find my style adapts to the age of the child I am photographing, whether the child is a newborn, baby, or toddler. The techniques I have developed are different for a child who is a year old versus a newborn. Children that are older have much higher energy levels, so the style is necessarily more photojournalistic. Newborns mostly sleep, so that age is much more suited to an artistic or posed photography session. I prefer a modern take regardless, so the resulting portraits always feel fresh and timeless.

Comfortable and Cute Props | Baby Photography

Many props used for newborns, like blankets and crates, can be used for baby portraits. Crates happen to be great for all ages. Babies can be gently placed in a crate, nestled in fuzzy blankets, while toddlers can climb on top of one easily. The use of props is heavily dependent on the age of the baby, because at 4 months, for example, a baby can propped up into a sitting position for a portrait. I don’t generally use toys as props in portraits, because babies and children play with them frequently and portraits are meant to be a bit more timeless.


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