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Having a baby is a great reason to hire a professional photographer for baby portraits. There is no better time than now to capture every perfect and tiny detail. And while your phone is probably already full of baby pictures, there’s nothing quite like a professional portrait of your baby for years to come. The reason is, professional portraits are not just for now or a year from now. They are meant to be gazed upon at each milestone your child reaches, from kindergarten, to high school graduation and beyond.

Babies of all Ages | Professional Portraits in Chicago

Baby portraits are such fun and full of variety, because babies are so different at 3 months, 6 months, or 9 months. Babies have different physical abilities according to child development – add different personalities to that and it’s always a guess how a baby shoot will go! These happy surprises make every baby portrait session a joy. I recommend choosing your booking for a time when your baby reaches his or her various milestones, like holding his head up, sitting up by herself, standing alone, or walking. Instead of choosing traditional ages that may be arbitrary, focus on the milestones that you want to remember for a long time.

Baby Portrait Locations | Chicago Baby Photography

Natural baby portraits are done at home, where your baby will be placed on a nice fuzzy rug with a warm, bright smile on their face while I get the perfect shot. With my many props, backdrops, and accessories, your baby will be photographed with a warm and delightful tone. Baby shoots can also be done outside. Grassy parks are a lovely place to photograph your baby playing on a soft blanket.

Baby Photography Skills | Chicago-based Juliana Leigh Photography

The trick to knowing how best to photograph babies is becoming familiar with what babies can do at what stage of development. For instance, babies that are 6 months old will smile at everyone. Another great way to ensure smiles is involving the parents closely, because babies will smile and laugh with them nearby. By capturing grins and chubby cheeks, I show on film just how special babies really are.

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