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Juliana Leigh Photography | My Story

I’m a professional photographer based in Chicago, Illinois, and I focus on beautiful newborn photography. With a good amount of experience behind me and kids of my own, I know how crucial family photographs are. In fact, it was through my own children that I developed a love for photography to begin with! Though I had been a middle school math teacher for some time, I stayed home with my second daughter and utterly fell in love with the process of taking photographs – and the stunning results. I simply became entranced with photography after photographing her, and in doing so, I taught myself how to shoot.

Chicago Photographer | A Love of Learning

I then started photographing babies that belonged to friends and family, and then took a newborn photography workshop. By that time, I was hooked! I decided to change my career path toward my new career love: photography. I find that the same spirit that drove my passion for teaching math carried over to learning about photography. Since then, my new profession has taken off. I named my business after my daughters – though now we have a son to add to the family!

Chicago Newborn Portraits | Capturing Moments

I love the act of capturing moments that last a lifetime or more. Newborns are my absolute favorite subject to photograph. Newborn photo sessions work when your baby is full and fast asleep. I love gently moving them into the most precious poses. Clients and I get lucky sometimes if a newborn open his or her eyes for a split second, which brings to pass a gorgeous gaze. Another of my absolute favorite parts is capturing detail shots of delicate fingers and toes.

Juliana Leigh Photography Style | Chicago Child Photographer

The style of photography that I use is both artistic and photojournalistic. My style happily adapts to the age and the activity level of the child I am fortunate to work with. Newborns and babies don’t move nearly as much as children, so shots can be more artistic in nature. With children though, energy abounds, so a photojournalistic style is necessary to keep up with their high-level activities. It’s exhilarating for me to work with children, it’s always a surprise how a child’s photo session is going to go. Temperament, personality, energy level – all that mixes for an interesting time!

About Me:

I am Brit Jonaitis of Juliana Leigh Photography, an on location, natural light, lifestyle photographer specializing in maternity, newborn, baby, and child photography in the Chicago, Illinois area. I look forward to helping you capture and create the kind of life long memories that will leave a lasting and profound impression.


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