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Chicago Newborn PhotographerThese days, you can get a Chicago newborn photographer to take wonderful photos of your child. Gone are the days where you have to take photos by yourself – only to get disappointing results. Brit Jonaitis of Juliana Leigh Photography specializes in newborn photography and is an on location, natural light photographer. Visit our gallery to find out how to book a session.  

You can find a Chicago newborn photographer online and view his or her portfolio in a website or social media site. However, it is crucial that you also find out about the newborn photographer's experience and attitude before you decide to hire him or her. Consider the following factors before you make your hiring decision:
1. How long has the photographer been taking pictures?
Experience is important, so make sure that photographer has a lot of experience in newborn photography, especially in handling very young infants. Choose someone who specializes in newborns and babies. The photographer should know how to carry or pose small children.
2. Is the quality of the photos consistent throughout the galleries of this photographer?
Hire someone who has a lot of excellent and beautiful photos to show.
3. Do you like the overall style of the photographer?
Take note of the framing and composition of the photos. Ideally, the newborn must be the center of attention in the photo, so the baby's presence in it must always be greatly emphasized.
4. Do you like this photographer?
The way you feel about the photographer is important. Choose someone with whom you are completely comfortable.
You can end your search for a qualified and skilled Chicago newborn photographer here in Juliana Leigh Photography. Brit Jonaitis is a lifestyle and natural light photographer who specializes in newborn, child, maternity, and family photography. Juliana Leigh Photography serves Chicago, Illinois and surrounding areas. Book a session through this website or call 708-567-7892.
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chicago newborn photographers

If you are planning to take photos of your little angel, make sure to book Chicago newborn photographers as early as your third trimester. The perfect time to shoot your baby is at 2 weeks, while he will still be mostly asleep all day. You can book packages that will suit your newborn photography need at Juliana Leigh Photography. Visit our website to see our rates and details of packages.

chicago newborn photography

There is nothing quite as precious as a newborn. Time is fleeting and pretty soon, he’ll be growing up. To treasure these special moments, hire a new born photographer. Brit Jonaitis can take Chicago newborn photography of your little one. If you are interested in seeing her work, just visit her gallery on our website.