Chicago Newborn Photographers

Chicago Newborn PhotographersIf you are planning to take photos of your little angel, make sure to book Chicago newborn photographers as early as your third trimester. The perfect time to shoot your baby is at 2 weeks, while he will still be mostly asleep all day. You can book packages that will suit your newborn photography need at Juliana Leigh Photography. Visit our website to see our rates and details of packages.

When taking your pictures with your phone is not enough, consider hiring a newborn photographer to take your baby’s portrait. Newborn photography is an art that can preserve those precious moments of your child in his or her newborn state through creatively shot pictures. Chicago newborn photographers are professional photographers who specialize in capturing and preserving the essence of a newborn's first few days before the child's physical features change dramatically in the next few weeks after he is born.
Newborn photographers recommend photographing infants within the first 10 days of being born. Their goal is to capture the first details of your baby's physical features. Newborn photographers know how to take captivating pictures of a sleeping baby, as well as in babies who are curled up as if they are still in their mother's womb.
Chicago newborn photographers will often photograph the babies while they are asleep, usually wearing only a diaper or completely bare. The best newborn photographers are experts in lulling newborns to help them relax and sleep. Creative techniques are used in making infants pose a certain way.
If you are an expectant parent or you have recently given birth to a baby, contact Brit Jonaitis to book a newborn photography session. Juliana Leigh Photography specializes in baby and newborn photography in Chicago and its surrounding areas. Call 708-567-7892 or explore this website to learn more about session pricing at Juliana Leigh Photography.